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Sung Jin Kang, Yasuyuki Sawada, Yong Woon Chung, "Long-Term Consequences of Armed Conflicts on Poverty: The Case of Cambodia", forthcoming in Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science, 2018.

Tomoyuki Nakajima, R. Anton Braun, "Why prices don't respond sooner to a prospective sovereign debt crisis, ", forthcoming in Review of Economic Dynamics, 2018.

Borck R. and T. Tabuchi, "Pollution and city size: can cities be too small?", forthcoming in Journal of Economic Geography, 2018.

Berliant M. and T. Tabuchi, "Equilibrium commuting", forthcoming in Economic Theory, 2018.

Tabuchi T., J.-F. Thisse and X. Zhu, "Does technological progress magnify regional disparities?", forthcoming in International Economic Review, 2018.

Ago T., T. Morita, T. Tabuchi, and K. Yamamoto, "Elastic labor supply and agglomeration", forthcoming in Journal of Regional Science, 2018.

Daisuke Oyama, Tomoyuki Takenawa, "On the (Non-) Differentiability of the Optimal Value Function When the Optimal Solution Is Unique", forthcoming in Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2018.

Hidehiko Ichimura, Yoichi Arai, "Simultaneous Selection of Optimal Bandwidths for the Sharp Regression Discontinuity Estimator", forthcoming in Quatitative Economics, 2018.

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Yasuyuki Sawada and Yoshito Takasaki, "Natural Disaster, Poverty, and Development: An Introduction", World Developmentment, Vol.94, 2–15, 2017.

Yoko Sakai, Jonna P. Estudillo, Nobuhiko Fuwa, Yuki Higuchi, Yasuyuki Sawada,
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Books by CREPE members.

Real Estate Policy Studies Jiro Yoshida, "Globalization and Evaluation Methods for Real Estate Investments in Japan", in Fudosan Seisaku Kenkyukai, Chihiro Shimizu, and Masanori Kobayashi (eds.), Real Estate Policy Studies, Chapter 4-10, 2018 (in Japanese).

Tomohiro Hirano, Balance Sheet Effects and the Effectiveness of Government Policy (in Japanese).

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Yasuyuki Sawada, Michiko Ueda, and Tetsuya Matsubayashi, Economic Analysis of Suicide Prevention: Towards Evidence-Based Policy-making, Springer, 2017.