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January 23, 2023
Article by Professor Shintaro Yamaguchi in Nikkei Newspaper (article in Japanese)
Januyar 10, 2023
Professor Yasutora Watanabe awarded Ishikawa Prize
January 6, 2023
Article by Professor Takeo Hoshi in Nikkei Newspaper (article in Japanese)
January 5, 2023
"Marginal Rent Index: Toward an Improved Consumer Price Index," by Professor Jiro Yoshida (CREPE Guest Associate Professor) has been published in Bank of Japan Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies Discussion Paper (DP-2022-J-10, in Japanese).
December 8-10, 2022
AASLE 2022 Tokyo Conference

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November 7, 2022
Daisuke Fujii, Taisuke Nakata, and Takeshi Ojima, "Heterogeneous Risk Attitudes and Waves of Infection" (CREPEDP-134)

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