Center for Research and Education in Program Evaluation (CREPE), University of Tokyo

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October 29 and 30, 2019
CREPE Lecture Series by Professor Robert A. Miller(Carnegie Mellon University)
October 28, 2019
Seminar by Professor Robert A. Miller(Carnegie Mellon University)
November 15, 2019
International Policy Seminar "Current Topics in Employment and Earnings: Labor Market and Evidence-Based Policymaking (EBPM)"  


September 13, 2019
CREPE and TOKYO SHOKO RESEARCH, LTD. have signed a collaboration agreement for EBPM research 

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September 6, 2019
CREPEDP-58: Hitoshi Matsushima and Shunya Noda, "Mechanism Design with General Ex-Ante Investments"
April 12, 2019
Geographic templates of Japan for maptile


July 18, 2019-March 31, 2020
Jiro Yoshida (CREPE Guest Associate Professor/The Pennsylvania State University)
September 1-Decenber 31, 2019
Hitoshi Shigeoka(CREPE Guest Associate Professor/Simon Fraser University)
November 1, 2019-March 31, 2020
Daisuke Miyakawa(CREPE Guest Associate Professor/Hitotsubashi University)

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